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Helping the environment is easy! Just DROP, FILL & SHAKE!

Using OneTabs™

OneTab Anti-BacJust clean the empty bottle, drop-in the OneTab, fill the bottle with warm water and shake. Use the labels provided in the labeling kit to safely identify your re-purposed bottles and together we can start to clean our way to a cleaner environment.

Available in unique, eco-friendly, biodegradable formulas to economically clean and disinfect every room in your household. OneTab refills are fully dissolvable concentrated cleaning tabs available in different colors, each color specific to their household application allowing you to effectively differentiate each cleaner.

By initiating a refill only approach to cleaning, not only will you see a reduction in cleaning supply costs, you will also be reducing environmental waste and landfill crowding.

Helping the environment is easy! Just DROPFILL & SHAKE!

All-Purpose Cleaner

All-Purpose Cleaner

OneTab™ All Purpose Cleaner is suitable for cleaning all surfaces and is designed to effectively dissolve carbon, grease and oil.

Bathroom Cleaner

OneTab Bathroom Cleaner

OneTab™ Bathroom Cleaner is a highly efficient chrome cleaner and is used to remove hard water stains and calcium deposits.

Glass Cleaner

OneTab Glass Cleaner

Use OneTab™ Glass Cleaner on windows and mirrors to cut through tough residue and dirt film, leaving your surfaces clean, clear & streak-free. 

Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

OneTab Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

A four tablet card of high strength anti-bacterial cleaning power that fits in your pocket.

OneTab™ Pre-Measured Convenience

Pre-Measured Convenience

Onetabs - Conveniently Compact

OneTabs - Reducing household waste OneTab at a time

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