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Private Labeling foil packs from SurfaceScience

SurfaceScience® now offers this select product in a form of prepackaged foil packs. The applications for these moist wipes is fully customizable in pre-measured disposable wipes.

SurfaceScience® Glue Remover, Gum Remover & Black Mark Remover


SurfaceScience® Glue Remover

SurfaceScience® Glue Remover is used to remove adhesive residue on hard colorfast surfaces such as flooring, laminate, glass, metal, tiles, etc. It can be used for cleaning old and dirty plastic and is a very effective Graffiti sticker glue remover. 


SurfaceScience® Gum Remover 

SurfaceScience® Gum Remover is a powerful solution that removes chewing gums from most hard and soft surfaces. Imagine never having to deal with the sticky residue left behind with the old methods like using cooking oil, peanut butter, the ice cube freezing technique and the final choice of just cutting it out. This spray on method is a great labour reduction product when removing large amounts of glue from public walking areas like malls and arenas. It reduces the large amounts of water needed in Power Washing Methods. 


SurfaceScience® Black Mark Remover 

SurfaceScience® Rubber Mark Remover is used to remove marks left behind on hard colorfast surfaces such as flooring, laminate, glass, metal, tiles, etc. It also removes heel marks and other marks from rubber materials. Can be used for cleaning old and dirty plastic and is perfect for those high traffic and public areas that need to stay looking pristine like, marine bumpers, show room floors, walls and door bottoms.

Removing stuck on items and getting rid of scuff marks has never been easier or faster!

SurfaceScience® Glue Remover is a unique formula that does not dry out, staying active longer on tough adhesives to remove them more easily. It is practically odorless so it is ideal for interior or exterior use. It neutralizes with water so it is safe in case of skin contact or spills.


SurfaceScience® Gum Remover makes it easy to deal with accidents such as chewing gum, wax and other gummy accidents on carpets, upholstery, wood, plastic, vinyl and may other surfaces without leaving a residue.


SurfaceScience® Black Mark Remover will remove those unsightly scuff marks fast and easy. It will also bring many plastic surfaces back to a crystal clear finish. No more scuff, scrapes or polish marks to contend with.

Companion Products

Now Available in SurfaceScience Foil Packs

Exterior Koting by SurfaceScience

Exterior Koting HD & LT

SurfaceScience® Exterior Kote HD & LT are high performance single component painted surface coatings that are resistant to peeling, flaking, scratching, abrasion & chemical agents.

BioBrand Canvas Protect by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Canvas Protect

SurfaceScience®’s Leather care products and vinyl protectant Can be used in your house on leather seats or sofa’s and in your car for your leather seats.

Graffiti be gone by Surface Science


This low odor, 100% biodegradable and quick application method of our removers enables it to be used safely in office buildings, schools, playgrounds, and hospitals.

Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish by SurfaceScience

Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

SurfaceScience® Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish is a one step cleaner, polish and protector that removes dirt, residue and fingerprints from stainless steel, and other surfaces.




SurfaceScience® Glue, Gum & Black Mark Remover - Providing Superior Performance:

Floor • Glass • Tiles • Laminate • Metal • Interlocking Stone • Sidewalks • Schools • Chairs • Bus Benches



SurfaceScience® Glue, Gum & Black Mark Remover Details

  • SurfaceScience® Glue, Gum & Black Mark Remover is from an all-Canadian company with products that are changing the way we live.

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Mother Earth Friendly

In this day and age it is important not to ignore Mother Earth. Most people do not think of what they are using to clean and if it is creating a potential for disaster. So many other cleaners for household use, indoors and out, car cleaners even marine craft care products (such as cleaners and waxes) are developed with materials that are not biodegradable. When these non-biodegradable materials are slipping down the drain, so are the pollutants that are not always cleaned in today's overworked processing facilities. Soaps and detergents are made to clean and not all cleaners are eco-friendly. 

While there are several environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market most of them are not specially formulated for marine use. To preserve Mother Earth, SurfaceScience® uses a proprietary “state-of-the-art” technology to create an eco-friendly safe BioBrand® ECO Surface Product that will suit all types of applications and will not damage the environment or pollute the water. Look at our BioBrand® product lineup here >>.

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