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What is Surface Science?

Surface Science Water BeadsSurface Science is a chemistry which can be roughly defined as the study of chemical reactions at interfaces, which aims at modifying the chemical composition of a surface by incorporating selected elements that produce various desired effects or improvements in the properties of the surface. 

This incorporates the act of modifying the surface of a material by bringing physical, chemical or biological characteristics different from the ones originally found on the surface of a material. The modification can be done by different methods with a view to altering a wide range of characteristics of the surface, such as: roughness, hydrophilicity, biocompatibility and reactivity. 

The tribological interactions of a solid surface's exposed face with interfacing materials and environment may result in loss of material from the surface. The process leading to loss of material is known as "wear". Major types of wear include abrasion, friction, adhesion, cohesion, erosion, and corrosion. Wear can be minimized by modifying the surface properties of solids by means of surface finishing. 


What is Surface Finishing?

Surface finishing is a broad range of processes that alter the surface of a manufactured item to achieve a certain property to: improve appearance, adhesion, wettability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance. In limited cases some of these techniques can be used to restore or improve the original dimensions. This is done with different surface coatings and surface protection coatings.

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