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BioBrand® Gunit – All Natural Stain Remover & Spot Cleaner


BioBrand® Gunit is a vehicle deodorizing stain remover, specially formulated to vaporize the worst stains from car interiors. Made with all-natural biodegradable ingredients, it works with the power of activated oxygen to remove coffee, tea, food, wine and other stubborn stains, leaving no harmful acids or chemical residues making it safe for the environment! 

This unique proprietary formulation dissolves away organically-based stains and odours. As it works, BioBrand® Gunit breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no chemical residues to damage fabrics and finishes.


Stain Removal with BioBrand® Gunit

BioBrand® Gunit is the perfect spot remover that does not require rubbing, scrubbing or blotting - just spray and walk away! This chlorine-free formula is safe for colours, can be used virtually anywhere and works well on fresh AND dried-on stains. Whenever you need that extra stain fighting power. Whether you wish to keep a bottle of this product in the glove box of your own car or offer it to your customers, Gun-It is a convenient, smart and easy way to maintain fresh and stain-free vehicle interiors.

Companion Products

BioBrand Defend from SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Defend

BioBrand® Defend is a household and automotive car care product - ready-to-use, anti-microbial coating that forms a long-lasting hydrophobic, oleo phobic barrier on surfaces providing ultimate fabric protection.

BioBrand Stop from SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Stop

BioBrand® Stop is a multi-purpose long-lasting household cleaner, car interior cleaner & marine cleaning supplies, leaving an antimicrobial coating to stop the growth of future bacteria & germs.




BioBrand® Gunit - Providing Superior Performance:

In Your Vehicle

Fabric Seats • Child Seats • Carpets • Trunks • Headliner

In Your House

Carpets • Pet Beds • High Chairs • Booster Seats • Chairs • Cribs • Mattresses • Clothing • Towels & Cloths



BioBrand® Gunit Details

  • When compared to other stain removers, BioBrand® Gunit leaves no chemical residues to damage fabrics and finishes because it breaks down into water and oxygen.
  • Uses the power of activated oxygen to remove coffee, tea, food, wine, grass, blood and other stubborn stains.
  • Beneficial micro-organisms of BioBrand® Gunit provide durable odour control by preventing the formation of non odorous substances.
  • Fast stain elimination on hard surfaces and fabrics - Indoors and Outdoors. 
  • From an all-Canadian company with products that are changing the way we live.
  • BioBrand® Gunit is a vehicle deodorizing stain remover specially formulated to vaporize the worst stains from car interiors. 
  • BioBrand® Gunit is a unique proprietary formulation that dissolves away organically-based stains and odours.

Mother Earth Friendly

In this day and age it is important not to ignore Mother Earth. Most people do not think of what they are using to clean and if it is creating a potential for disaster. So many other cleaners for household use, indoors and out, car cleaners even marine craft care products (such as cleaners and waxes) are developed with materials that are not biodegradable. When these non-biodegradable materials are slipping down the drain, so are the pollutants that are not always cleaned in today's overworked processing facilities. Soaps and detergents are made to clean and not all cleaners are eco-friendly. 

While there are several environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market most of them are not specially formulated for marine use. To preserve Mother Earth, SurfaceScience® uses a proprietary “state-of-the-art” technology to create an eco-friendly safe BioBrand® ECO Surface Product that will suit all types of applications and will not damage the environment or pollute the water. Look at our BioBrand® product lineup here >>.

The Science Behind BioBrand®...

BioBrand® is a unique proprietary “state-of-the-art” technology from SurfaceScience®. The science behind our family of proprietary products is an all-encompassing blend of simple safe basic ingredients such as water and Micro Molecular organic technology created in some of the most advanced state of the art laboratories in the world. Revolutionary thinking was fundamental in developing our versatile product line resulting in the protection of new and old surfaces required for longer and improved lifespans.

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