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BioBrand® Defend – Stain Preventer & Fabric Protector


BioBrand® Defend is a unique fabric protection coating and stain preventer that creates an ultra-thin, invisible, impermeable barrier on most absorbent materials. The surface treated with BioBrand® Defend fabric protector spray becomes highly resistant to water, oil and oil stains, mold, mildew, alkaline, acidic fluids, high temperatures, abrasion and UV Rays. BioBrand® Defend possesses excellent antibacterial characteristics producing a healthier environment and better peace of mind while leaving a long-lasting preventative treatment on the surface.


Protecting Your Surfaces With BioBrand® Defend

Imagine being able to easily remove those stain causing foods and beverages such as ketchup, coffee and red wine with a simple furniture protector and carpet protector that also extends the life of the surface without affecting the appearance of the fabric itself. BioBrand® Defend fabric protector not only protects fabrics from staining, but also inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria.

No more headaches over sudden spills, pet messes, and other accidents that can damage your vehicles interior. This revolutionary fabric spray leaves your vehicle easy to clean with only water and without the use of harsh chemicals. Get rid of unpleasant odours and infections such as mold & mildew.

BioBrand® Defend is a revolutionary fabric protector spray product based on the recent achievements in Micro Molecular Organic Technology. BioBrand® Defend's antibacterial properties are based on a physical, not chemical, process resulting in 99.999% bacteria fatality rate. The result is a long-lasting, high performance protection coating that your family will appreciate for years.

Companion Products

BioBrand Stop from SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Stop

BioBrand® Stop is a multi-purpose long-lasting household cleaner, car interior cleaner & marine cleaning supplies, leaving an antimicrobial coating to stop the growth of future bacteria & germs.

BioBrand Gunit by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Gunit

BioBrand® Gunit is an effective soft & hard surface & fabric cleaner. It is an excellent addition to automotive cleaning supplies and for commercial, industrial, automotive & residential use.

BioBrand Enzyme Odour Remover by SurfaceScience

BioBrand® Enzyme Odour Remover

BioBrand® Enzyme Odour Remover is an efficient odor neutralizer with an easy spray and walk away application process. All natural, you can trust this water based formulation to be effective.




BioBrand® Defend - Providing Superior Performance:

In Your Vehicle & RV Interiors

Cloth Seats • Interior Carpets • Trunk Interiors • Child Seats • Seat Belts • Door Panels • Headliners


In Your House 

 Carpets • Home Furnishings



BioBrand® Defend Details

  • Contains no chemicals, resin, or toxic substances. It is an eco-friendly product that is safe for both children and adults! BioBrand® Defend produces a healthier environment, resulting in easier cleaning and better peace of mind.
  • Fabrics become super resistant to fluids, mold and mildew.
  • Continue to clean surfaces after application with just water and without harsh chemicals!
  • Keeps the fabric from fading and locks in colour.
  • Long lasting protection. 
  • Does not affect fire resistant fabrics.
  • BioBrand® Defend uses organic key ingredients approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
  • From an all-Canadian company with products that are changing the way we live.
  • Simple and ready to use.

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The Science Behind BioBrand®...

BioBrand® is a unique proprietary “state-of-the-art” technology from SurfaceScience®. The science behind our family of proprietary products is an all-encompassing blend of simple safe basic ingredients such as water and Micro Molecular organic technology created in some of the most advanced state of the art laboratories in the world. Revolutionary thinking was fundamental in developing our versatile product line resulting in the protection of new and old surfaces required for longer and improved lifespans.

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